Public Speaking & Debate - Level II (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)

30 Nov

Public Speaking & Debate - Level II (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)

The Public Speaking & Debate course focused on turning students into capable, efficient debaters, using a variety of contemporary issues, both domestic and international. The course is designed to work on several areas of knowledge, pushing the students to think harder about the issues they hear about everyday, as well as introducing them to topics and concerns that they might not have already considered. The course will challenge their preconceived notions about many of these topics, and will force them to consider viewpoints and arguments that they wouldn't naturally think about, as well as teaching them to quickly asses the relative weight of arguments and anticipate critiques.

The course is highly interesting and engaging for students, covering the key topical areas of their generation, including the impact of technology, globalization and political and moral issues.
Small class sizes enable students to engage in lively and topical debates with their peers, but also benefit from the close attention of their tutor and receiving personalized support. The course mainly focuses on improving students' ability to persuade, inform and entertain through spoken English. Written English, however, is also improved through written homework tasks, by refining student's argumentative techniques and encouraging them to write more precisely and persuasively. By creating an environment where no answer is 'wrong', the course offers the perfect course to build students' confidence to ask questions, have a go and think both logically and imaginatively.
Suitable for students in Grade 5-8 or Year 6-9
Level I (Grade 5-6 or Year 6-7); Level II (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)
Practise and improve both written and verbal communication skills through in-depth public speaking tutorials, writing debate speeches and participating in class debates
Develop a greater understanding of persuasive and informative speaking
Develop logical reasoning & research skills
Learn the art of “thinking on your feet”, making good points and rhetoric in limited time
Learn how to prepare a speech in a short period of time i.e. 5 minutes
Implement rhetorical techniques via body language
Course Structure
In the first half of the course we concentrate on public speaking and for approximately the next half we concentrate on debate. Overall, it aims to combine an understanding of effective public speaking and developing those skills to engage appropriately in debate. Students work both individually and in groups on a variety of reading, speaking and writing assignments designed to develop their skills. The course requires students to think on their feet, and develop a thought process that can probe at any given issue, analyze their opponents’ arguments for weak points, and construct their own argument.
Level I (Grade 5-6 or Year 6-7) of the course features a variety of topics that relate to contemporary issues in Hong Kong, including issues such as the educational system, the many environmental concerns of living in a crowded 21st Century City, as well as some of the trickier topics surrounding the question of immigration and identity.
Example topics for Level I: ‘This house believes that Hong Kong students have too much homework', 'This house believes that private cars should be banned', 'This house believes that Hong Kong should admit more refugees’ etc.
Level II (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9) is focused more on international issues that help students have a better understanding of the wider world and how they relate to it. All the issues covered in both levels are topics that students will be required to think about eventually, and this course is designed to give them both the thinking skills to analyze an issue from multiple angles, as well as the necessary rhetorical skills to make their case and win the debate.
Example topics for Level II: ‘This house believes that global population growth must be controlled', 'This house believes that democracy is broken', 'This house believes that the United Nations is no longer effective’ etc.
Fees (HK$)
& Debate
02 Sep - 06 Jan (except 28 Oct)
12:30 - 14:00
$480 / hour
1.5 hours x 18
31 Aug - 04 Jan (except 05 Oct)
16:30 - 18:00
02 Sep - 06 Jan (except 28 Oct)
14:00 - 15:30
$500 / hour
1.5 hours x 18
29 Aug - 02 Jan (except 26 Dec)
16:30 - 18:00
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Andrew To

Andrew studied physics, chemistry and biology at University of California Berkeley and University of Wisconsin Madison where he holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology. An expert in science, he can turn difficult scientific concepts into simple bits of ideas.
Andrew has years of experience teaching science of different curricula, including the popular I/GCSE, GCE, AP, IB and SAT II. He focuses on logic and understanding, training the analytical minds of his students to better prepare them for any challenges that may come up in their studies. Andrew helped many students to greatly improve their academic results, all of which subsequently went to top tier universities.

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